Vorschlag neue Run

  • Erstens, entschüldigung aber ich werde diese main post im Englisch schreiben. Mein Deutsch ist für kurze reaktionen noch zu verstehen aber hier geht das nicht. Wenn das problematisch ist, könnte vielleicht jemand übersetzen und reposten...

    Weil es auf das UK forum kein GF officials gibt poste ich hier und nicht dort, vielleicht haben die wichtige feedback...

    So, to get to my idea first I will explain some background. We have seen over the recent years that there is pretty steady development in high level content. New runs are added every now and then and usually they deliver a good player experience. Zodiac for example is a pretty fun run concept (Just the unbalance is ridiculous but if this were patched its nice), same goes for Hydra overall good content. What we have also seen is attempt from the developer to get more teamplay in, it was also mentioned in an interview with a developer. For example the Group Finder was added to the game, even though its not used at all it shows what the game designers want. It is teamplay.

    With current runs, its always possible for a single pushed person or a small group to complete a run. Because this gets more money into the pockets of these players they will always choose to do the run with as less people as possible, pretty understandable.

    To fix this, for future runs it has to be neccesary to have multiple people on board. We have seen an attempt at this with Nemere. Here you need certain characters for specific floors. However, a single person can go in to the run with multiple characters and complete the run solo. The solution to this problem is a run where you have team parts and individual parts.

    For example killing a boss with a group could be a team part. After that all group members need to complete an individual task (these are at the same time, also should require active play in some way). It could for example be that you could enter the run with 4 people, or 6 or 8 with increasing rewards per person for the more players you take in. It would also be fun if there checkpoints. So for example you can complete the run at checkpoint 20 but for every check point u make u get rewards already. Also you can restart from the last check point and try for the next check point again.

    What this requires, is a team of strong people which is actually a lot of fun to play with. (until one fks up all the time hue hue hue) Ofcourse there are difficulties with balancing rewards, balancing for classes etc etc but in the end this should be a suggestion game developers might want to do something with. They probably know a solution to the problems I mentioned aswell, they are the real developers after all.

    Let me know what you guys think (okay if its in german), where you see more problems. If you like it, then why? If you don't like, then why not?

    Deutsch ist nicht meine Muttersprache, ich hoffe ihr könnt das verstehen :lol:

  • The idea in itself is pretty good. You mentioned that there should be a 'team' and a what I would call it 'solo' aspect of runs. I would prefer to put the 'solo' aspect first, then kill the Boss together.

    Another idea would be, that for example you have a 8 man run. Every member has to do a certain task in a given amount of time, lets say 15 minutes for example. If said player completes his task within the given time, then it should have an impact on the boss.

    What I mean with that is, that in theory, one person can still log in with 8 accounts, but it should be impossible to complete the run then, when only one has successfully completed his 'solo' part. Of course I understand, that with things like autohunt and such 'fun and engaging' mechanics, it is theoretically possible to complete all 8 'solo' tasks. To counter that, either deactivate autohunt in those phases or add mechanics which require you to play actively. By actively I dont mean 'drop X amount of Y item and drag it onto something', people are able to do that on multiple accounts simultaneously.
    If that still isn't enough, make the base strength of the boss OP, so that noone could ever defeat it, if they only completed 1 or 2 taskts out of 8. Then take off either X% of his HP, DMG, DEF or whatever for each completed task. A good implementation for variety would be to take away X% of one stat for each successfully completed class mission.

    • Ninja : X% of DEF/AbilityDEF
    • Warrior: X% of DMG/SkilDMG
    • Shaman: X% of Heal strength
    • Sura: X% of DEF-Phase strength
    • Lycan: X% of Health

    In that way, it 'forces' people to play with certain setups for an easier run or gives them a realy hard time if they stick to their old habits of solo-ing every run.

    I hope that the things mentioned above will be implemented in some way, because right now, it doesn't matter which class you are playing or what group setup you run, as long as you push enough, everything can be solo-ed (im not kidding, there are guys that solo-ed every boss just by punching them).

    best regards from a fellow Scot


  • Ich finds ja gut, dass keiner von euch auch nur im geringsten seine Entscheidung begründet. 10/10 nützlich.

    Vielleicht pay-to-win solospieler? Meiner meinung nach ist das dass einzige Argument dagegen.

    Btw, danke für dein input! Quality post.

    Deutsch ist nicht meine Muttersprache, ich hoffe ihr könnt das verstehen :lol: