Reparieren Charisma - Fix Charisma

  • Greetings, I'm writing this message both in english and german.

    Did you know that Charisma is not properly working? According to the 20.2 changelog, Charisma was supposed to give to the leader a certain number of bonuses, propoportional to the number of comrades in his group.

    However, it actually does not work this way - WHETHER there's a single comrade OR three of them, the leader will still get the same amount of bonuses. I think this should be fixed. What do you think about it?


    Grüße, ich schreibe diese Nachricht sowohl auf Englisch als auch auf Deutsch.

    Wussten Sie, dass Charisma nicht richtig funktioniert? Laut dem 20.2-Changelog sollte Charisma dem Führer eine bestimmte Anzahl von Boni geben, die im Verhältnis zur Anzahl der Genossen in seiner Gruppe stehen.

    Es funktioniert jedoch eigentlich nicht auf diese Weise - OB es einen einzigen Kameraden ODER drei von ihnen gibt, der Anführer erhält immer noch die gleiche Menge an Boni. Ich denke, das sollte behoben werden. Was denkst du darüber?

  • Hy, your problem with charisma ist just a misread.

    IF you have a larger group, you can give them more bonuses, but Charisma only gives a bonus for the first one youve given.

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  • Hello - sorry, but that's not what they wrote in the changelog and I'm quite sure I read it well.

    It is actually LEADERSHIP (the basic skill) that allows you to give 1~3 bonuses to your comrades: since version 20.2 it has been updated that way. In the past, you could only give 2 attack-values (and 1 single other bonus).

    On the other hand, Charisma deals with the amount of bonuses the leader gets back, after having assigned the bonuses to his comrades.

    However, please read with me what THEY wrote in the changelog, especially the bold, red part:



    This skill helps you when you are leading a group. It reflects back a portion of the bonuses to you for the different roles you assigned to your group members. If you assign a group member as a blocker, for example, not only the HP of the blocker increases, but so does your own to a smaller extent. The bonuses you win increase with your charisma level and the size of your group – ***the higher your level in charisma and the larger the group, the more you will receive of the respective leader bonuses.*** You can increase this skill with books:

    • Book 1: Charisma of a Rookie – available from mobs at Plateau of Primal Forces
    • Book 2: Charisma of an Adept – available in Redux dungeons, Nemere’s Watchtower and in the Zodiac Temple
    • Book 3: Charisma of an Expert – can be crafted by Baek-Go in the city

    As you can see, it was supposed to work proportionally to the number of people (and I assume, of bonuses assigned to comrades). It was a nice idea that they THEMSELVES proposed us. But apparently, they forgot to develop the proper calculation.

    This was a nice way to enhance group playing and making it more effective; also, if the calculation is done properly, making a group with three comrades who have also maxed out Inspiration is much more effective and makes the whole system more appealing.

    That is definitely a much better way of promoting a power-up, rather than some random unachievable feat (such as the 5-stars monster card Alastor, which probably no one will be ever able to complete in this life).

    Don't you think so?

    Thanks for your attention! :)

  • Dear fellow,

    Well noticed and reflects the same what I noticed a few days ago, I was really wondered if the calculation were properly done by the game.

    After some deeper thoughts I made up my mind it's not the case, Charisma is acutally not working how it should be.

    It only take one group member into consideration but should take all three (if there are three given bonus', e.g. attack).

    However, the reality is different to how they proposed to us by the changelog.

    Hopefully the responsible persons are going to be aware of this thread and change it according to the changelog because it does not behave as it should.

    Best regards


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