Area Rules • International Area

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    - A R E A R U L E S -
    International Area

    The general forum rules apply in the forum. The following area rules supplement these.

    Pushing, closing and archiving threads

    • Pushing threads is allowed every 2nd calendar day (after the last post).
    • Your threads are considered inactive if a month has passed since the last post. After this the threads get archived.

    Label: Question

    • Only answer if you really want to help.
    • Express your questions and answers in an understandable way.

    Label: Discussion

    • Only Metin2-related topics are welcome under this label.
    • All discussions that have nothing to do with Metin2 can be dealt with in discussion groups or in the tavern.
    • Be factual and constructive. Spam, denunciation and agitation have no place here.
    • You don't have to accept every opinion for yourself, but all opinions are equal and must be accepted.

    Label: Suggestion

    • Your idea should be described in detail or precisely. An "I want this and I want that ..." isn't enough.
    • A simple "for", "against", "I absolutely want that in Metin2!" or similar is not sufficient and can be rated as spam. It's more helpful if you give reasons for your opinion rather than repeating those of others.

    Label: Technical problem

    • Only post if you can add or solve the topic.
    • A "I have the problem too" doesn't help and is rated as spam.


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