Fix lycans

  • But nevertheless, I believe that we should talk about this openly - only in this way will the publisher see that the players are dissatisfied. Even if there's only a 1% chance that it will bring the desired effect, 1% is still more than 0.


  • lycans should not be fixed.

    On ruby a lycan is permanently on rank 1 of the monthlys.

    Wann immer es Licht gibt, gibt es Schatten.

    Solange es das Konzept des Gewinners gibt, muss es Verlierer geben.

    -Der egoistische Wunsch - Frieden zu schaffen - verursacht Kriege und Hass wird geboren, um die Liebsten zu schützen.

  • Lycans have their weaknesses but the have a advantage with the increased piercing chance. On a Mount a Lycan is really strong. Not every class should can do all. The Damage is very good oh a Mount!

    Rechtschreibfehler dürft ihr behalten

    Ruby for Life <3

  • lycans should not be fixed.

    On ruby a lycan is permanently on rank 1 of the monthlys.

    And what about it? Ranking means nothing
    Lycan has the same chance or minimal advantage on a world boss as a WP sura or a body warrior with a two-handed weapon - but it's still just an event boss

    Lycans have their weaknesses but the have a advantage with the increased piercing chance. On a Mount a Lycan is really strong. Not every class should can do all. The Damage is very good oh a Mount!

    Did you know Piercing Strike damage above 100 has been reduced on Lican? 140 piercing blow on a wolf is roughly 120 on other character classes.

    If you don't believe it, you can check it out. Late game sura WP and two handed body fighter with max piercing hit beat more

    Even though the lycan has a lot of hits from the yohar mount above the soul rift, it's a downside = high damage = high refflection. Magic classes and Sura WP have no problem with this

    You will say that warrior and ninja also have the same problem, but these character classes at least have the ability to earn money from hydra, meley, sunga mahi tower or other dungeons where they do great thanks to the animation from the ground

    Its high dmg is useful only in the forest for beating metins - which is not profitable

    I guess you didn't read it so I'm pasting it again

    What motivates people to play as Lycan right now? What can Lycan do better than other character classes - NOTHING.

    The main sources of earning on ski maps are Hydra and Meley. These two dungeons can be completed alone with all character classes except Lycan because they require ground hits. Body Warriors, Ninjas, Suras, and Shamans have fast animations, so they can deal more damage in the same time period even though they take less hits than wolves. In Polymorph, the wolf is the character class whose weapon has the lowest attack values, and bosses have the same or even higher resistance than other weapons.

    Below all the pros and cons of the lycan from the perspective of an experienced player:

    lycan for jotun thrym - BAD because his animation is too slow, other character classes beat it faster and more fun

    lycan for meley - BAD because his animation is too slow - other classes have better animation - body, WP, dagger, shaman dragon are so much better.

    lycan for hydra - BAD because his animation is too slow - all class are better - magic class can defeat hydra by skills without high tali, physical class has better and faster animation

    lycan for SungMa Tower - BAD because his animation is too slow - must have much better equipment than other characters. Lican skills rely on jumping to the opponent, it's hard to keep monsters at a distance, the only useful skill is wolf's breath. Above the 40th floor, 80% of strikes are misses

    - best classes for sungma tower - Sura Weapon, Shaman Dragon, Warrior body, ninja with daggers

    lycan for Neithis - BAD beacuse the lower floors should be made of earth to finish them faster and catch up with time. Other classes are better, warrior body and sura weapon are best for neithis.

    lycan for Alastor - BAD because - alastor has a large reflection - the best classes to alastor - sura WP - because he regenerate HP, sura BM, shaman dragon, shaman healer - because they don't worry about the bounce when they're beating with skills

    lycan for Mysterious dungeon - BAD because his animation is too slow and he falls from kao's blows - he is unable to strike without the dragon god's defenses or ruby attack+ defense+ resistance to damage. There is no possibility to auto-hunt with Lycan at the points where Kao appears. The wolf's attack range is very small, and Kao cuts through the wolf incessantly from behind, so the wolf dies approximately every few minutes. Unlike other character classes, he attacks around, attacks faster, and revives quickly.

    lycan for Asmodeus - BAD because because his animation is too slow all character classes do it better and faster

    lycan for key for Alastor - BAD Lycan (and another physical classes) has no chance to reach the boss; magic classes can kill bosses with 2-3 abilities

    lycan for Soul Rift - BAD the wolf is not effective for fall as it reflects a significant amount of damage back when dealing damage. Sura WP does not have this problem.

    lycan for metin stones - good, but comparable with warriors with 2hand weapon and suras, it does not bring any profits compared to the earnings mentioned above

    lycan for rasador - good, but it does not bring any profits compared to the earnings mentioned above

    lycan for beran seatou - good, but it does not bring any profits compared to the earnings mentioned above. after lvl 105 does not receive yang

    lycan for zodiak chen - good, becasue there are only two days when he can earn money from them and he has to do it from morning to evening

    lycan for pvp - good, because not many people make resistances to this character class due to the fact that not many people play it

    Surfboard is totally useless for lycan and it doesn't solve any problem of this character class because his animation is too slow.

    Hitting the ground with a lycan misses the point

    Perks will have all other character classes whose ground animation is playable. The animation from the ground on the lycan is totally unplayable. Ninjas, shamans, suras and warriors will benefit the most from this mount because their ground animation is playable.

    Lycans should have the same attack range as other character classes while attacking from the ground.

    There are two ways to make it playable:

    1. Completely changed ground hitting animation

    The wolf now deals less damage from the ground than other classes in the same amount of time

    Purple wolf sould was higher dmg and laster longer - I think they should do a rollback to previous version.

    Slow animation and poor range is actually the biggest problem for this character and it does NOT compensate for her a bit more damage than in other character classes.

    For 1 hit with the claws of other weapons, the remaining classes perform 1.5 hits (sword, bell) with 3 daggers, which is as follows.

    For 10 lycan hits:

    10 x 12k claws = 120k damage

    Sword (wp / body) 15 x 10k = 150k damage

    Daggers 30 x 6k = 180k damage


    In addition, all weapons have the following range from the ground:




    2. Another solution would be to leave the current animation, but increase the damage from purple even more, so that with 10 slow hits of the lican it would come out similarly to body/wp. Along with buffing the basic attack, the skills would have to be nerfed

  • Below is a list of various activities in metin2 with the more profitable ones - I put each character class for comparison


    Here are the results, as you can see, the lycan is no better - when it comes to the most profitable activities. In lower-income and medium-income, he performs worse or comparable to other character classes


    here I also put a comparison of weapon animations of individual character classes - as you can see, the claws, apart from the mount, have no other use


    Variety of character classes after 24 hours from the start of the server Emerald (EU West). Data source - official ranking. Characters =<lvl 5



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