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    Azrael war nicht umsonst so unbeliebt gewesen "2anderen Server diese settings aufzuzwingen kann ich wirklich nicht nachvollziehen niemand will diese 30%mehr tp haben

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    Dear players,

    We constantly read your feedback and try to go towards you as much as possible.

    Your feedback was instrumental for convincing WebZen to change some aspects of update 20.5 and we tried to put the changes live as soon as possible.

    The original space of the Bazaar was, as many of you have pointed out too small in size, so it was enlarged significantly. We know it looks boring but WebZen has no time at the moment to fill it with fluff like trees and benches. We know it sounds easy to just place things but there is a lot of testing involved like checking spawns, possibilities to get stuck etc. We already asked WebZen to make the map more beautiful but that might take a while.

    We did get the feedback, that it should be possible to walk through the shops. Even though it is not a thing we normally do in Metin2, we removed the collision from the shops.

    Some clients couldn’t handle the load, crashed and were not able to log in anymore because the Bazaar was available on one channel only. Hence, we decided to change the system, making the Bazaar available on multiple channels. Now you can just log in again in a less crowded channel. It might even be helpful, if you made themed channels like “Alchemy on channel 1”, “Upgrade items on channel 2”, … that would help lowering lags.


    This will come in the maintenance today. Please note that all shops will be closed due to that change – the premium ones, too.

    Some of you complained about, that it takes away the PvP from map1. We heard you and while there are no plans to allow PvP in the Bazaar, we will activate the Empire Battle on all servers permanently. Originally it was only planned for special servers, temp servers and special events but we want to provide the PvP enthusiasts among you with a place, were you can participate in meaningful PvP. The Empire Battle will be active each week from Thursday evening to Sunday evening and the buffs from it 5 days afterwards. Details will be given in a separate announcement.

    We also heard, that you don’t like the fact that the Premium Shop is mainly a premium item. It is a premium item but it will be obtainable for free in some occasions. During the Dark Seers event, that is running right now, you can obtain the Premium Shop is a possible reward from Silver and Gold Boxes. But primarily it will be offered in the ItemShop. In the beginning we want to see the effects first and won’t give it out en mass. Meaning it won’t be permanently in the shop for now. Currently, we only give it out in controlled environments like the Wheel or during a Flash Auction. Speaking of the Auction: we do realize that the starting price was way too high. Our apologies – that won’t happen anymore.


    But the Premium Shop won’t be for free in general. It is clearly a convenience feature with no influence on “winning”. We actually have other items in the Shop, that some might consider pay2win but the Premium Shop is not one of them.

    We try to provide as much free content as possible. Only recently a completely new continent was released, or the World Boss event or all other events in general, where you can farm premium items. Some features and items need to be pay only to keep the game running and for free; and those items can not only be unwanted items but interesting ones, too.

    Besides that, a boost event has started today, that grants you bonuses to EXP and item drop chance; hopefully that compensates a little for the hassle.

    Furthermore you will be able to get a free face mask, a daily pet and 4 Bookss of the Leader+ every day for the next 3 weeks.

    I hope, you understand our position. We definitely try to understand you and fight for your wishes over at WebZen.

    Kind regards,

    Dennis & the Metin2 Team

    Naja trotzdem wäre es doch sinvoller für eben die Leute die schon mehr Zeit in ihr EQ gesteckt haben eben neuen Kontent zu bringen bei dem es benötigt wird, und nich dafür zu sorgen dass Neueanfänger allerspätestens mit 75 aufhören wenn sie sich Grotten EQ besorgen müssen (was z.T eh schon der fall war) weil sie zu dem ohnehin schon teuren Blitz EQ gleich noch ne Myth. Alchi brauchen...

    Wie bereits gesagt, bereits vorhandenes schwieriger zu machen ist unfair denen gegenüber die ihr EQ / Lv. nicht schon seit jahren fertig haben...

    Und genau das ist das Problem was viele Leute einfach nicht sehen bzw sich wundern warum es immer weniger Spieler gibt.